We are in the business of solving business problems. Our mission is to be the best. DVSS creates the greatest value for its customers by supporting talented and passionate service professionals driven to produce a positive impact on your core business. Our vision is clear. We are Dedicated Service Professionals Delivering as Promised. We strive to be the best at what we do every day, continuously aiming to outdo ourselves. Malcontent with the status quo, we continue to aim higher and therefore produce greater value for our customers. Service is easy to promise, but we only promise what we know we can deliver. Our core values mean everything. Including Customers, Innovation, and Integrity, they are the basis of any and everything we do, and are integral to every service we provide.

Our corporate history is one of humble beginnings. Founded in 1978 by Current CEO/President Chris Casanova and his late brother Edwin Casanova, DVSS was, and remains, a privately owned company. Committed to impeccable service and doing right by the customer, Chris and Ed Casanova grew their company into what it is today. For over Thirty years, DVSS has provided superior Security and Integration services to an extensive list of companies. DVSS is a company unique in the fact that we are large enough to provide exceptional service to Fortune 500s, yet lean enough to provide that same level of service to a single story building down the street.

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